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Senior 5 wickets in an innings 1945-60 -

Listed below is those players who have taken five wickets in an innings from the 1945-46 season to the 1959/60 season while playing for a team in the Senior grade from the Union Cricket Club

1945-46John Spear5-15 vs Oamaru 1
1946-47Wilf Kerr5-32 vs Kurow
Jack Maddigan5-12 vs Kurow
Jack Maddigan5-22 vs Albion
Jack Maddigan5-40 vs Kurow
Jack Maddigan5-54 vs Oamaru B
Jack Maddigan5-60 vs Albion
1947-48Andy Forbes5-20 vs Kurow
P Ireland5-30 vs Albion
John Spear5-53 vs Oamaru B
John Spear5-62 vs Oamaru B
1948-49Jack Maddigan5-18 vs Kurow
George McFadzien7-41 vs Kurow
John Spear5-17 vs Kurow
John Spear5-23 vs Kurow
John Spear5-56 vs Oamaru B
1949-50Norman D Ireland5-33 vs Oamaru A
Jack Maddigan5-6 vs Oamaru A
Jack Maddigan5-21 vs Albion
Niall McDiarmid5-52 vs Albion
1950-51Norman D Ireland5-28 vs WBHS
Jack Maddigan6-39 vs WBHS
Jack Maddigan5-13 vs St Patricks
George McFadzien5-15 vs WBHS
1951-52Jack Maddigan7-46 vs Oamaru
Jack Maddigan5-47 vs Albion
1952-53Jack Maddigan7-43 vs Albion
Jack Maddigan7-54 vs Oamaru
Jack Maddigan5-26 vs Albion
A Rawson6-50 vs Albion
Warwick Smith5-34 vs Oamaru
John Spear5-44 vs Oamaru
1953-54John Goodall5-20 vs Albion
1954-55Maurice Collings5-28 vs Oamaru
Graham Cowles6-78 vs WBHS (Union senior debut)
Allan Kelman5-37 vs Oamaru
1955-56Maurice Collings6-17 vs St Patricks
Maurice Collings6-40 vs Oamaru
K Goodall5-41 vs Oamaru
Allan Kelman7-28 vs Oamaru
Allan Kelman5-26 vs WBHS
Allan Kelman5-32 vs Albion
1956-57Maurice Collings5-26 vs St Patricks
Maurice Collings5-36 vs Albion
Maurice Collings5-79 vs Albion
Graham Cowles7-12 vs St Kevins
Graham Cowles5-20 vs St Patricks
Graham Cowles5-23 vs St Patricks
Allan Kelman5-39 vs St Kevins
Allan Kelman5-53 vs WBHS
Jack Maddigan8-27 vs St Kevins
Jack Maddigan7-59 vs Oamaru
1957-58Graham Cowles6-42 vs St Patricks
Allan Kelman6-15 vs St Patricks
Allan Kelman5-116 vs Oamaru
1958-59Maurice Collings7-14 vs WBHS
Maurice Collings5-25 vs St Patricks
Graham Cowles7-11 vs St Patricks
Graham Cowles7-27 vs Albion
Graham Cowles5-16 vs WBHS
Graham Cowles5-22 vs St Kevins
Andy Forbes6-42 vs WBHS
1959-60Andy Forbes5-5 vs St Kevins
Andy Forbes5-35 vs Albion
John Wilson6-24 vs Oamaru

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